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Summerhill Baptist Church

Welcome to our community

We are a community of people who follow Jesus based out of the western suburbs of the city of Launceston.

We believe that we exist to point people towards Jesus Christ and the life and love he offers us. We are a group of people of all different walks of life, backgrounds and generations. We are a community that strives to offer open hearted acceptance to all people as we follow Jesus together. All are welcome, whether you follow Jesus or not. We are a place where no one stands alone.

Our Mission

We are a spiritual hub equipping people for life and relationship. Healthy well-being consists of physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual well-being. Often the one that gets overlooked is the spiritual. We were created with body, mind, soul and spirit. We were created to connect with someone beyond ourselves and at SBC, we want to help you connect to the life and love found in Jesus.

Our Values

Our values are what shapes who we are and what we do. This is the engine room. This is the stuff that drives us to be a place of open hearted acceptance. Here are the Summerhill Six.