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Small Groups

We believe community is one of the factors that has a positive impact upon seeing transformation within a person. Who you spend your time with shapes who you become. As SBC, we encourage people to enter into smaller groups of people to do life together. Some of those groups are based around stage of life (young adults, mum and bubs group) and some are random collections across age range. Feel free to contact our pastor ( for more information.

Chat and Choose

Is craft your thing? Get a kick out of crochet? Have a pile of unfinished projects you want to get done but never have the time to do it? Want to connect with others who share that same passion? We have two options for you. Chat and Choose runs on a Friday morning and offers food, space for craft and great company. Feel free to touch base with Verna French ( for more details.


We partner with the Salvation Army to provide a free of charge playgroup for our community. It runs on Wednesday mornings from 10-12 during school terms. For any information, please feel free to drop a line to Yvie Starkey ( or Bec Blair ( for more details

Youth Group

We run a high school youth group once a month where there are games, food and a space to talk about the big topics of life. We kick off at 7, finish at 9 on the second Friday of the month. We also have an online youth ministry that takes place over Discord. If you would like more info about either of these spaces, feel free to contact Roger Radford (

Summerhill Baptist Basketball Club

That’s right, Baptists can play basketball. Who knew? There is a league that runs from March to August and we have a squad. No matter what your fitness or skill level, whether you are a GOAT like Jordan or your main skills take place on NBA 2K, if you have any desire to play basketball and be hooked into a friendly, inclusive environment, contact Roger Radford ( for more details.